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First step
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Connection Details
Username Your Wallet Address
Password x
Algorithm Equihash
URL (CPUs & Small GPUs) Difficulty   0.05 ( VarDiff 0.04 - 16 )
URL (GPU Rigs) Difficulty       1 ( VarDiff 0.95 - 32 )
URL (Farms > 50.0kSol): Difficulty     10 ( VarDiff 9.95 - 512 )
URL (Nicehash > 70.0kSol): Difficulty 1000 ( VarDiff 19.5 - 1024 )

EWBF's Miner for NVIDIA GPUs

miner --server POOL_ADDRESS --port PORT --user WALLET_ADDRESS --pass x

EWBF's you can chose a DevFee : (--fee 0 = 0% to developers, --fee 2 = 2% to developers

HUSH example:
miner --server eu.minepool.hu --port 10032 --user t1W8eSMuUcfcwKNLC6VUg1hCgEn1oBmCzox --pass x --pec --fee 2
Komodo example:
miner --server eu.minepool.hu --port 6032 --user RBRwwjNjeVYR8FWiLHYz6SmE9mbMU2MVRQ --pass x --pec --fee 2
VoteCoin example:
miner --server eu.minepool.hu --port 12032 --user t1Xw8Ths83vF31p3atf18Xnf4uYuPpBddgB --pass x --pec --fee 2
ZClassic example:
miner --server eu.minepool.hu --port 5032 --user t1VAdytBhXZZeCZfHGHac7p77BqmqnvJNbW --pass x --pec --fee 2

DSTM Miner for NVIDIA GPUs (Normal RIG)

zm --server POOL_ADDRESS --port PORT --user WALLET_ADDRESS --pass x

This example we change the port and set to 6 x NVIDIA 1060 card

HUSH example:
zm --server eu.minepool.hu --port 10033 --user t1W8eSMuUcfcwKNLC6VUg1hCgEn1oBmCzox --pass x
Komodo example:
zm --server eu.minepool.hu --port 6033 --user RBRwwjNjeVYR8FWiLHYz6SmE9mbMU2MVRQ --pass x
VoteCoin example:
zm --server eu.minepool.hu --port 12033 --user t1Xw8Ths83vF31p3atf18Xnf4uYuPpBddgB --pass x
ZClassic example:
zm --server eu.minepool.hu --port 5033 --user t1VAdytBhXZZeCZfHGHac7p77BqmqnvJNbW --pass x

Claymore Miner for AMD GPUs

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool POOL_ADDRESS:PORT -zwal WALLET_ADDRESS -zpsw x

HUSH example:
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+tcp://eu.minepool.hu:10032 -zwal t1W8eSMuUcfcwKNLC6VUg1hCgEn1oBmCzox -zpsw x
Komodo example:
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+tcp://eu.minepool.hu:6032 -zwal RBRwwjNjeVYR8FWiLHYz6SmE9mbMU2MVRQ -zpsw x
VoteCoin example:
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+tcp://eu.minepool.hu:12032 -zwal t1Xw8Ths83vF31p3atf18Xnf4uYuPpBddgB -zpsw x
ZClassic example:
ZecMiner64.exe -zpool stratum+tcp://eu.minepool.hu:5032 -zwal t1VAdytBhXZZeCZfHGHac7p77BqmqnvJNbW -zpsw x