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We have a new Lyra2v2,Neoscrypt,Bitcore,x16r,x17 pool paid BTC!
EquiHash Pool
  • to be the fastest and lowest latency
  • 0% Fee

  • PPLNT (pay per last n time)
    The PPLNT payout system rewards loyal miners and penalises pool hoppers. If you want a pool that you can mine with long term and not worry about pool hoppers stealing your rewards a PPLNT pool is your safest bet.
    Do not join if you want to stay for only 1 hour, not good for YOU, except when your hashrate is extremly high
  • Join us if you are waiting for at least 2 successful block
  • High performance Node.js backend and HAProxy frontend +CloudFlare
  • Multi coin, Multi pool
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